Max Verstappen reveals why he was LUCKY in the Spanish Grand Prix

The Dutchman secured third place behind Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel despite a collision with Lance Stroll.

Verstappen got a bang to the wing and was told to continue despite the damage.

Verstappen moves up to sixth in the championship standings on 33 points, 14 behind team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

Verstappen though revealed he felt he was fortunate with Kimi Raikkonen having to retire, opening up a spot for him.

“The car was working really well,” he said. 

“It’s really hard to pass but we just stayed close to everyone in front of us.

“We got the luck with Kimi retiring. But the tyres were handling really well so I think that gave us third today.

“I thought Valtteri was too far away but I had to keep pushing because I had Sebastian behind me. I just wanted to see how my front wing was holding on and it was alright.”

Max Verstappen has admitted he was lucky to secure third place

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has moved up to sixth in the championship standings

I couldn’t have done it without this incredible team

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton won back-to-back races to open up a 17-point gap at the top of the standings.

And he paid tribute to his team for the work off the track.

“I couldn’t have done it without this incredible team,” Hamilton said. 

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton paid tribute to his team after the impressive victory

“These guys have done an amazing job and I’m just really proud of everyone.

“Today the car and myself, I felt that synergy which I hadn’t been feeling for the whole year. It’s a good feeling.

“This is when we’re going to start trying to continue to apply the pressure. A one-two for the team. I hope we can continue.”

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